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Russia to test new battleship artillery system

11 Dec 2019, 22:54 GMT+10

The ground version of this weapon passed a baptism of fire during the Syrian campaign. Now it's making its way onto Russia's new era sea beasts.

Russia's notorious ground based anti-missile system 'Pantsir-S1' has just been reborn in early December 2019 in order to defend next gen battleships from sea-based missiles, as the first ever battleship with these anti-missiles left its docks to pass actual battle tests.

Russia's new sea shield

The sea version of this artillery system is dubbed 'Pantsir-ME'. It's specifically created for sea warfare and meant to intercept enemies' missiles and other projectiles even in the worst weather conditions, including storms.

In order to withstand such challenges and not break down, engineers made it compact and covered its body with an anticorrosive sheath.

The main difference between the ground and sea versions lies in the way the two have to intercept incoming enemies' missiles. If the first was created to shoot down targets from above that most of the time fly on predicted flight paths; the latter has to defend ships from missiles flying above the reflecting water surface, which usually hides projectiles' paths from anti-missile systems.

Another difference between ground and sea versions lies in their fire rates. The ground one shoots as many as 4,800 artillery shells per minute, while the sea one shoots nearly 10,000 per minute.

The 'Pantsir-ME' was created to shoot down at least four aerial and 'above-water-flying-targets' simultaneously. There is no difference whether it's a jet, a bomber, a UAV, a missile or something else. The system automatically locks down a target and eliminates it.

The air defense system creates a 20 km (12.42 mi.) anti-aircraft "dome" around a ship it's installed on. This makes it an effective defense weapon in potential conflicts in the future.

"In 2020, Russia's military will also receive two 'Tarantul' missile corvettes. They will also be beefed up with the 'Pantsir-M' air defense system, as well as with modern X-35U anti-ship missiles," 'Homeland Arsenal' magazine editor-in-chief Viktor Murahovsky told Russia Beyond.

According to him, these missiles will be able to eliminate any above-water targets at distances of up to 260 km (161.5 mi.). The ships were also fitted with internal counter-electromagnet defense systems to resist enemies' electronic warfare, the expert added.


Anti-aircraft missile system 'Pantsir-ME'

Missile range: 1.2 km-20 km (0.75-12.42 mi.);

Ammunition load: 12 missiles;

Gun caliber: 30 mm;

Ammunition: 1,400 rounds;

Rate of fire per minute: 10,000;

Muzzle velocity: 960 m/s;

Detection range: up to 20 km (12.42 mi.);

Simultaneous tracking of targets: 4

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